What Duphaston is :

Duphaston contains a medicine called “dydrogesterone”. Dydrogesterone is a man-made hormone. It is very similar to the hormone “progesterone” made by your body. Medicines like Duphaston are called “progestogens”.

What Duphaston is used for :

Duphaston can be used alone or with an estrogen. Whether you take an estrogen as well, depends on what you are taking the medicine for.

Duphaston is used:

For problems you may get when your body does not produce enough progesterone:

-to relieve painful periods to relieve the symptoms of endometriosis (a problem caused by growth of the womb lining outside the womb) to treat infertility due to low level of progesterone to control irregular periods (that come at the wrong time or not at all) to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

-to re-start periods that have stopped before the menopause (amenorrhoea)

-to stop or prevent unusually heavy or long periods (often due to the start of the menopause).

-To treat the signs of your menopause – this treatment is called Hormone Replacement Therapy or ‘HRT’.

Duphaston is used with an estrogen to treat the signs of your menopause. These signs vary from woman to woman.

How Duphaston works :

Duphaston is used to treat problems which you may get when your body is not making enough of its own progestogen hormone. This is normally produced in your ovaries from puberty until your menopause. The progestogen (dydrogesterone) in Duphaston replaces this missing hormone. In your body, progestogen is normally balanced against the major female hormone estrogen. Your doctor may also have prescribed an estrogen medicine for you so that you get the right balance of hormones.

For some women using HRT, taking only an estrogen can cause an abnormal thickening of the womb lining. This may also be the case if you do not have your womb and have a history of endometriosis. Taking dydrogesterone for part of your monthly cycle helps to prevent a build up of your womb lining

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